fix my broken ps3 bluray drive in st. louis

PS3 Bluray Disc Drive Repair in St. Louis

If your PS3 doesn't take games in and out of the drive properly, this is the repair for you.  Many times a foreign object has become lodged somewhere within the many moving parts of the drive (your kid stuck something, probably a coin or lollipop stick, in your PS3).  If this happens, don't try to dig it out, as you can ruin the entire drive.  This repair does not fix a PS3 that doesn't read or recognize discs (for that, please see our PS3 Laser Repair page).  Call us at 314-344-1117 or stop by our St. Louis area store in Bridgeton today!
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How Easy Is It To Have Your Electronics Repaired At Prestige Electronics?
So simple... here's how it goes:

Step 1: Call us, text us, or email us to get a price quote, parts availability, and repair time.

Step 2: Come into the store.  Our store is easy to find: Prestige Electronics is between highway 70 and 270 on St. Charles Rock Rd in Bridgeton.  Our shopping plaza includes Guitar Center, Hobby Lobby, Applebees and Lonestar.  We are right next to Lifeway Christian Book Store.  Just across the street is Walmart.  See? Easy to find, lots of landmarks.

Step 3: We fill out a repair form, including details about you and your device.  Not once in five years have we lost a customer's phone, tablet, game system or computer, and not once have we given a customer someone else's item.

Step 4: We give you a clear timeframe of repair, in most cases, 30 minutes to an hour and a half.  You can hang out in the store (we have lots of fun things to check out including movies and retro video games), or you can go shopping or grab something to eat.  There are tons of places around us to kill some time. 

Step 5: You pick up and pay for your repair.  Unless the electronics needs special order parts or extensive diagnostic work, you don't pay until we are finished.

PS3 Bluray Drive Repair - Starting at $50.00

fix my ps3 disc drive in st. louis
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